Friday, October 2, 2009

4th Date......Homerun Derby?!

So the cat's out of the bag! I have a boyfriend! I know, I know! You're about as surprised as I am! I have to pinch myself at times to make sure I'm not dreaming! haha Not only do I have a boyfriend but he's been around longer than 6 weeks! Big feat for me! Big feat! I usually scare them away oh right around 4 weeks! I'd like to say I was joking with that last statement, but unfortunately it's true! :-) So since I'm backdating this posts, at this point Brian and I had been on 4 DATES, yes 4 DATES and he asked me to Homerun Derby. I thought this was kind of a big gesture coming from the guy that told the girl that set us up that there were no sparks on date 1! haha Even more so, he paid for my ticket! It was $375!!!! AND he wouldn't let me pay him back! So now I'm going to St. Louis with this guy and his brother who I barely know. For all I know, they could pull off the road and leave me for dead on the way down! haha But I went and we had a great time! I'm not a Cardinals fan so I went and supported my Cubs even though no Cubs were actually in the homerun derby, but I was still wearing my Cubs t-shirt proudly! :-)

We ate at McClusker's for lunch. It had an awesome outdoor garden area to sit in. Can you tell were still awkward with each other at this point? I look like I'm not sure what to do! haha

Now I don't know if you've ever dated a twin before but let me tell ya, it's a tricky business! Thank the Lord they wore different colored shirts that day or I would have been in trouble! haha

Jenni had a friend that worked for Budweiser and he gave us a tour. We got to sample beer right out of the filtering barrel. It was actually a -3 three days fresh! The born on date doesn't go on till it's packaged! :-)

VIP tour! Yep, that's how we roll! haha

On the VIP tour you get to pet the Clydesdales.......

and chase after them! Susie over there didn't care that she was ruining our photo opp! They are kind of spoiled horses! I've never seen such exquisite conditions for a horse! haha

It was rather surreal to be at the Homerun Derby. Lots of excitement! My favorite of the whole night......the hot dog! It was amazing! I'm sure Brian thought that it was so worth it to spend all that money on me for me to say my favorite was the hot dog! haha

The participants. Pujols was the crowd favorite by far being a Cardinal. He knew it too! He was strutting around there like he was the pope!

I'll let you take a guess on which one is Brian. You might think it's the one I'm standing closer to, but it's not! I was keeping some healthy distance between us with my purse! haha

They say opposites attract and we would be a classic case of that! I mean seriously, a Cardinals fan?! I thought my dad was going to disown me! haha

You can tell who he likes more.......this is his profile pic on Facebook! haha


Holli said...

you are to funny!
i love you and LOVE that you can laugh at yourself! life is so much more fun that way!
and boy are you BLOGGING!

Carmen O. said...

THis is great, Tara! I can see how dating a twin would be realy tricky business!! Sounds like you're a lucky lady, but Brian's waaaay luckier. ;)

(Um, yeah - No offense, Brian, if you're reading!)