Friday, October 2, 2009

Dinner with B

This was a couple weeks into our relationship and I was discovering I was liking him more and more. I had been trying to pinpoint his personality and thought I had it nailed down but was asking him some questions at dinner one night about if he's taken a personality test. Now he would say I was drilling him with questions and he felt like he was on an interview. He thought I was trying to make him come up with reasons as to why we should keep dating and thought for sure I was going to end it. haha Not so! I just like getting to know people! He has now gotten used to what he calls the "interview game" and knows that's just me. Not sure he likes the "interview game" but goes along with it for my sake! haha

We were a little overdressed for Rosatti's Pizza, but I always dress to impress especially this early on in a relationship. I think it was weeks later that he got to see me without makeup. He said I didn't look too scary! haha

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