Monday, October 5, 2009

The Ultimate Surprise!

So my 29th birthday is this Wednesday and I just assumed that it would come and go like most birthdays do. Boy was I wrong! First, Ash and Holly broke a surprise to me that they were taking me to Chicago for the weekend to shop for my birthday. They spoiled the surprise because Brian had a ticket for me to go to the U of I game with him and they were worried I'd be mad if I missed the game. Secondly, they had said we should go out to dinner for my birthday Friday night. I thought that sounded like fun, so I told them we should go to Reality Bites. Ash said great and told me who she thought we'd invite. I asked if I could invite Ben and Marissa as well since they were part of that whole Ozarks group. She said the more the merrier! I don't think she meant for me to take that literally. So I went and invited Adam and Amy, Tyler, Denise, Heidi and Jarod and couple others. All of which had plans that night. Strange! :-) Little did I know that their plans were coming to my surprise birthday party! It was the best surprise ever! Ash called at 6pm to tell me that Reality Bites didn't have our reservation down and so she had called Biaggis in a panic and they ironically had last minute cancellations and could get us in. Brian had told me that he had gotten sick at work and was pretty sure he had the flu so he wasn't going to be able to make it. I was bummed thinking, the first year I have a boyfriend on a birthday and he's going to miss my dinner. But I took it all in stride. It was on my way to dinner that I started thinking about stuff and thought, you know if they really wanted to get me, they could have changed the restaurant and have more of my friends here and Brian's not actually sick, but I kept thinking, no they wouldn't have done that. Don't hope for that or you might get disappointed when you walk in and there's just the 8 people that you knew were coming to dinner and Brian's still sick! :-) But I just had this feeling walking in from the parking lot that there was more to this. That maybe Heidi and Jarod and Adam and Amy's plans were for my dinner, but I just kept shoving it aside only to walk into a room where 35 people are yelling surprise FOR ME! It was such a buzz! I looked around the room and saw so many friends and family. All people I care about and mean so much to me in my life! It was awesome and meant the world to me that they had all come and that everyone had gone to so much trouble to pull it all off, especially with me trying to "help"! haha It was a great evening and I can't thank everyone enough who was there and who helped plan it all! Truly one of the best birthdays I've ever had!

Ash and Hols were panicked with how many people I had told about Reality Bites. They kept fielding phone calls from people trying to figure out if the plans had changed. Apparently planning a surprise party for a planner is not easy to do! haha

He got me good! I was planning on taking him soup and crackers after dinner because I truly thought he was sick! He just wanted to be in on the surprise as well. It worked! :-)

Whit wanted to borrow my shirt because her and Isaac had dinner plans. When I asked where they were going she didn't know. I thought that was awfully odd but I was too busy getting ready I didn't think much of it!

They nailed it all! I love zebra print and I love bright green! They paid attention to every detail! They invited over 85 of my friends to be there! Talk about an undertaking!

They didn't think they could pull it off for my 30th so they got me a year early!

I kept trying to convince these two to get a babysitter for their kids so they could come to Reality Bites! Ben was so confused on the plans he didn't want to say anything about if they could or couldn't come so he just played stupid! He does that well! haha

They even tracked down people from my old small group to be there! Such a special night!

Kate was trying to throw me off by asking me a thousand questions through text as to where I was, what I was doing, what Brian got me for my birthday, if I wanted to hang out after dinner, etc. I had no clue she was sending them all from Biaggis!

The masterminds behind my party! Great job guys! Love you two!

I had been texting Amy all week trying to convince her to change her dinner plans to come to my birthday dinner. She kept ignoring me! Suspcious! haha

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