Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nippers and Scrumpdeliocious!

So not only did my friends plan me this huge surprise party, but they also took me to Chicago for the weekend and wouldn't let me pay for anything. It was a great weekend for shopping and it was even more fun to do it with some of my closest friends. Kate was cracking up all weekend at Ash's made up words. I don't even notice it anymore because I'm so used to it but Kate thought it was hilarious when Ash thought it was "nippers" outside or if the food was "de-lish" or when she called the weather "poop-ola" or when we decided to eat at Melting Pot and she said it was "scrumpdelicious"! By the time we left Kate was getting in on it and using the same phrases! haha

Heidi is dedicated! She could only be in Chicago for about 3 hours but she came up with us anyway. It did help that she drove 90mph the whole way there. I think that gave her about an extra 15 minutes to be there? Ever made it to downtown in an hour and 45 minutes? Me either! :-)

This is the shirt that Brian hates. He walks up to me swishes the sleeve and is like, "what's going on here?" I said what? They're just sleeves! He says, "yeah, but why is there so much of them?" I said, you just don't know style! This is in style! People are wearing this kind of thing! He's like, "who? Gradma's?" He's no longer allowed to give his opinion on my wardrobe! haha

We shopped downtown and made it to about three stores, two of which were Forever 21. The next day we hit up our third Forever! We came out with a haul! haha Ash is displaying one of her new purchases!

Thank goodness we were near the bathroom! Kate broke the seal early and went to the bathroom like 10 times during our hour and a half dinner! No joke!

They gave us champagne for my birthday!

They actually gave Kate one too. Apparently Melting Pot isn't too concerned about underage drinking! haha

Ash kept talking about how cute Whit, Kate and I looked, but she was the smart one because we all had swollen feet by the end of the day! We should really be more worried about function rather than form these days! haha

Kate and Whit were walking to the ATM before lunch and a homeless lady asked them for a dollar. They obviously didn't have any cash, hence the ATM. When they said they didn't have a dollar, she said "yeah, you guys look skimpy and cold!" Huh?!

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