Friday, October 2, 2009

Doggy Daycare

It's always a trip when this group gets together! Brian says he has to sometimes process what is said before he reacts because he's like, "did they really just say that?" Maybe a filter at times would be better! haha Regardless, we always have a great time together. Tonight in particular, Hols was filling us in on doggy daycare. They have a golden lab and they take her to doggy daycare twice a week while they're at work. Hols said they separate the big dogs and little dogs, they have play areas and pools for the dogs and they even have a timeout that no dog wants to go in, because they have to watch all the other dogs play while they sit in timeout. Hilarious what we can do for our pets these days!

Tim had a mustache contest at work for a United Way fundraiser. He grew it long and then Hols put pink and purple beads in it for him. I think he got 2nd!

We got Ash that sundress for her birthday! She looked adorable! However, she needed a little goo gone for her flip flops we got her. They would stick to her heel and then sling shot off at any given moment!

Ash had to pose as my date since my date was sleeping while we ate! I only accepted that excuse about twice before I started forcing him to go to dinner with me and my friends! haha

I believe this was after some more non filtered conversation! haha

Oh look who woke up and decided to join us! :-)

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