Friday, October 2, 2009

Birthday at Gill?!

Ash's bday was August 5th and we treated her to appetizers out and a volleyball game at Gill Street......Brian's volleyball game that is! Aren't we awesome friends?! haha Actually we did take her out on a separate night to celebrate but on her actual birthday we went to Gill. She wanted to meet Brian, so this was an easy non conspicuous way to do it. He started catching on by about the third week when each game there was a new set of friends showing up at his games. He finally started saying, so who is coming tonight that I'm going to be meeting? Apparently I wasn't quite as sly as I had hoped! haha

Ash was paranoid about her headband, but I thought it was cute

Love this girl! We've been through a lot together!

Need to get crackin on thos are weights! I look like I have saggy old lady arms!

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