Monday, October 12, 2009

The Birthday that Keeps on Giving!

This has truly been the best birthday I've ever had! Everyone did so much and I felt so loved with all of the stuff going on. Well Whit had told me that she wanted to do something for my birthday with just Whit, and Kate and me. She told me to be ready at 2:30pm and we were going to leave. She got home a little late so she was racing around telling me to get going. She handed me a cup from Fusion Brew and when I'd ask what it was she kept saying it was fall in a cup! I didn't know what that meant but it was good! She put me in the car and made me wrap a scarf around my head. She wanted to make sure I couldn't see or hear anything so she gave me her Ipod to listen to as well. My left eye was stuck shut but I realized a little down the road that I could see slightly out of my right eye, so I was able to kind of tell where we were at. She circled a neighborhood and then headed back to our house. I figured at that point that she was picking up Heidi, but then I started feeling bad that I was peeking, so I quit looking! haha From there we went to Arftul Designs, Fox and Hounds and Reality Bites and then back to our house for games. It was such a fun day! Truly a great birthday week!

I couldn't wait to get that scarf off because it was itchy and not being able to see with Whit's erratic driving was starting to make me feel sick! I told her later that my eye mask might have been easier to use a blindfold. I can only imagine what people passing us along Veteran's thought!

I walked into Artful Designs to see Tami AND Heidi. It went something like this: "Surprise, ok were going to paint, but were on a time crunch so we don't have a lot of time!" I said, ok. Whit are you going to repaint me my mug you busted? "I probably should, but not today. We don't have a lot of time. Were actually all going to paint the same thing." I said, oh ok, looking around trying to figure out what to paint. Whit was like, "you need to hurry up! We have to be out of here in 15 minutes!" Ohhhh, ok! I quickly grabbed a triangle plate. We decided to paint it like a candy corn. The next thing I know, Whit is paying for the plate, all the paint is at the table and the four of us are going to town on the plate. We painted it in 10 minutes flat! That has got to be some kind of record! haha

The finished product! Later Whit said we painted it in the wrong order that we should have put orange at the bottom. I told her that wasn't right. She and Rebekah insisted that they eat candy corns and the bottom is their favorite part and it's ALWAYS orange at the bottom. I wasn't buying but went along with it so I didn't sound like a know it all! Later I looked it up to prove them wrong and then text them my findings! haha

Heidi set up pedicures at Fox and Hounds and Whit had brought cookies from Janet's for our afternoon. It was so nice to have a pedicure where you can actually understand the person giving you the pedicure! :-)

After pedicures it was on to Reality Bites! All six of us ate for $54 dollars! They trusted me to just order for everyone! If I know one thing, it's good food, so I was honored that they trusted me to order for all of them. We just got a bunch of different stuff and shared it all! It was awesome and you can't go wrong at my favorite restaurant!

They later came up and told us that another reservation was waiting on our table. Psssh, seriously, we were only there for 2 1/2 hours! How rude! haha

Last stop, our house for games. Whit had gotten individual cakes from Janet's and then we played Things! We laughed and cackled all night! It was soooo fun! I love spending time with these girls!

Then we played Quelf. It's a game of randoms and it is just that! Heidi had to balance a book on her head and walk backwards 20 steps.

Rebekah had to do the chicken dance. We had to show her what it was first! :-)

Whit had to blink wildly, march in place and slap her knees and hum a song that she thought was annoying. We never did guess the song! Guess we need to brush up on our praise songs because, These are the Days of Elijah was not on the tip of our tongues! haha

Rebekah got all the crazy action cards. She had to stuff her shirt with anything and everything. For every four items, she got a point. She wasn't sure all that work was worth the two points she received! haha

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