Monday, October 5, 2009

Laundry Treat!

Brian had a tv delivered to his house a week ago, so I told him I'd work from his place, so I could sign for it when it got delivered and then he didn't have to worry about tracking it down or having it sitting on his front porch all day while he was at work. While I was there I figured I'd help him out and do some laundry. It was pretty much selfishly motivated because he spends half his weekend doing laundry so I figured if I helped out, he'd have more time to spend with me! haha Either he's a slow laundry doer or he just doesn't do it all at once because in an afternoon I had ALL his laundry done, plus sheets washed and put back on his bed and towels washed and put away. I also had time to drop his shirts off at the cleaners. He was so blown away by all that I had done that he said he was going to treat me for all my hard work, so we went to Jim's Steakhouse for dinner. I hadn't been there in years but you can't go wrong with their augratin potatos and their Brittany dressing. Sooooo good!

You can kind of see my coat hanging on my chair. Well I had that on when I got to his place. I guess you could think it was my outfit but it's a tie waist coat that has 3/4 sleeves and belled ruffle sleeves. When I got to his place, he was like you want to take off your coat and stay awhile? I said, well I thought we'd be leaving in a few minutes. He was like, oh that's really a coat? I was like yeah, what'd you think it was? He was like, well I didn't know! You have all kinds of interesting outfits that should be dresses or who knows what and they're your shirt so I was confused! He was like, don't get me wrong, I love it as a coat! :-) Boys, when you want them to have an opinion about your clothes they don't and when you'd prefer they keep their mouth shut, they always have an opinion! haha

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