Friday, October 2, 2009

Tiffany and Denver's Wedding

You couldn't have asked for a better setting for a wedding. At your house, on the outskirts of town, outside, small group. It was gorgeous! Tiffany looked beautiful! Stephanie had given her extensions and her hair looked awesome!

Her dress looked great and great on her!

Mr. and Mrs. Denver Nord!

The happy couple!

Steve had some awesome dance moves! They consisted of swaying back and forth! haha

I made myself completely scarce during the bouquet toss. They were actually calling people out onto the dance floor. I conveniently had to go to the bathrom.

Haley's kids had some sweet dance moves which she claims they didn't learn from her! Sure, Haley, sure! :-)

Haley and Tater were my date for the evening! Brian wasn't quite ready for the meet all my friends wedding debut! haha

Old roomies!

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