Friday, October 2, 2009

State Fair

Luke is on a pit crew for an ARCA racing team and his first race was in Springfield at the state fair. Their car got out early but it was so fun to watch it anyway. Ash and I were so excited for him, you would have thought Luke was the one driving the car! There's something about the rumbling of the engine and the cars whizzing past at 180mph that takes your breath away a little bit. Reminds me of my experienced race car driving days! haha

They were car 66. Brian and I went to grab some food and came back to find out they had wrecked and were out of the race! :-(

First mandatory pit

Luke is the one on the front tire

Brian brought me my own set of ear plugs! How sweet! haha

He was relieved when it was over. He said he about threw up before it started! haha

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