Monday, October 5, 2009

Pole Holding

Brian bought a Polaris Ranger and keeps it at his dad's house on the farm. He's been wanting to take me fishing for a while so a couple Saturdays ago it worked out to go out there. It was a gorgeous day and it was so hot that day that we hit up the pool first and then head out to the farm. He kept asking me if I'd actually fish. I said sure! As long as I don't have to bait the hook or touch the fish, I'm fine! :-) He's like that's not fishing, that's pole holding! I said fine! You go fishing, I'll go pole holding! And that's exactly what we did! haha His dad had made some Texas cake that we also partook of. It was awesome! I love the country! It was a great day to just relax and enjoy some country livin!

I had just learned the side arm cast here. I also love the fact that it looks like he took this with a wide angled lens! haha

Can't get more peaceful setting than that!

Not sure why I held the camera so high in the air! Makes it look like God is the one who took the picture! haha

I caught a fish! As you can see, I knew EXACTLY what to do with it when I reeled it in! Dance around, scream and stay as far away from that little slimy buggar as much as possible! haha

I got a little more daring but I was keeping my eye on him! He wiggled a lot!

Now if you hadn't seen the first two pictures, you'd think I was a natural born fisherman! :-)

Brian wouldn't let me take any pictures of his catches because he thought they were all too small to document, but I at least got this one which he still claims is tiny. There were no tall tales of the fish we caught that day. :-)

So sunglasses might have been a smart idea. I kept thinking, the Ranger only goes 50mph? Big deal. That's not THAT fast! Well it is when there's no windshield, doors and bugs flying straight into your eyes!

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