Monday, October 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Cali Style

So I always go home in the spring and the fall to see my parents and just have a little getaway. Each time I go the amount of time I stay seems to grow. In March I went home for two weeks and that turned into 6 weeks. This fall I went home for 2 1/2 weeks. Even when I think I'm staying a healthy length of time, my dad is still trying to convince me to stay longer. Well this time I had a boy to bring home. I stressed over it a little because it was really soon to be meeting my parents especially when my parents are 3000 miles away. We had talked about him coming out over Labor Day but we hadn't made any definite plans and with the whole meeting the folks thing, it seemed to get slow walked. So I just surprised him with a ticket instead and flew him out. He was excited and nervous to say the least but ultimately didn't quite understand the big thrill about California. He'd been before and he didn't share my excitement about how cool it would be........until he got there! :-) The pictures are out of order thanks to the lovely Blogger photo uploader, but you'll get the idea!

I took him on a whirlwind tour of Southern California and hit all my hot spots! My absolute favorite is our condo in Carlsbad!

We ate breakfast down at the clubhouse. The terrace overlooks the lagoon and the 18th green! So beautiful! He said he felt like he needed a cable knit sweater to wrap around his shoulders to fit in! haha

Then on to La Jolla to see the seals. Unfortunately people were on their beach so there were few to see, but we did get to see a few swim up upon unsuspecting snorklers. I don't know about you, but that's not what I have in mind when I go snorkeling is to look up and see a round face full of whiskers in front of me!

I love La Jolla because of all the cliffs and rocks overhanging the beach. It was gorgeous weather the whole time he was there. It was like 95 before and after he arrived and about 80 the whole weekend he was out. He was the lucky charm apparently! :-)

Brian likes to take scenery pictures. Me......not so much! If people aren't in them, I will never look at them again! I figure what's the point! I'm not going to care about some random cliff or beach unless I'm standing in front of that random cliff or beach. So I humored him and he's a scenery picture! I have LOTS of these from his stay because he stole my camera while we drove down the PCH! :-)

We finished the day with some shoe shopping in downtown San Diego and dinner at one of our favorites, Peohe's. It over looks the skyline of San Diego and is right on the water. We even lucked out because they were shooting off fireworks that night and we were front and center for them! He loves fireworks! I couldn't have planned it better myself!

San Diego skyline

This is where the weekend actually began. We took him to Balboa and went bike riding along the beach. It was a first for me too! We don't own bikes but my mom's friend Kathy does. It was a little crazy trying to dodge everyone walking or darting out at you on the boardwalk but it was really cool to ride along the ocean. Brian loves to bike ride so it was totally up his alley.

We took the car ferry over to Balboa from Newport and had some NY style pizza before our bike ride. Next time I'll remember to try and get the bike with the cushy seat. My butt hurt for days! haha

He had never been to the Pacific side, so we put our feet in the water. It was warm for the Pacific but a whopping 70 degrees still feels REALLY cold!

Bike riding was my mom's idea. Props to Candy for coming up with such a fun plan for the day!

We ate at the Fisherman down in San Clemente which is on the pier, literally sitting on the water. We sat on the patio and you can actually see the water beneath you through the planks on the patio. We did the crab feast and that's exactly what it was. It was a little less appetizing when they bring it out with head and feet still attached. Nothing like ripping the body apart to have your dinner!

Brian said at dinner that he couldn't figure out what I was so excited about with him coming out but now he got it. He can see now why I like it out there so much. Now he can't wait to go back! :-)

We walked the pier which is about a 1/4 of a mile in length. I wore high heels which is a little tricky on the planks. You either pull your heel out of the crack every 10 seconds or walk barefoot. Neither one was a very good alternative!

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