Friday, October 2, 2009

It was a Twilight Day!

Whit has a new love in her life. His name is Rob Pattinson and he is a vampire! Not sure what the appeal is. I've never been attracted to someone who is butt white and could suck my blood but whatever! So for Whit's birthday, Kate and I gave Whit a Rob Pattinson themed day. It rained all day on the 4th of July, so we changed our plans and took Whit to Champaign to go shopping.

Her day started out with Rob's favorite lunch......which is hamburgers. So I brought Whit some McDonald's in her new Rob Pattinson lunch box.

She acts embarassed, but she thought it was TOTALLY cool and she takes that thermos to class with her. All the kids want to be just like her! haha

Then we had a goody bag in the car with none other than a Twilight bag to put all her goodies in. Whit said, you know I'll never carry that right?

We took her to one of my Champaign favorites called Cowboy Monkey and had some awesome tacos. I also gave Whit some more of her gift. A Twilight bookmark and a Twilight jewelry box. Can't forget to mention the poster of Rob that we took with us on a poster board so Rob was with us all day. He had a blast! His favorite were the tacos too! haha

Please ignore the fact that I look like Mickey Mouse in the this picture and let's get back to Whit's birthday! :-) So after a star studded filled day, she came home to rest her head on her pillow that now has been screen printed with Rob's face on it. I thought she'd think it was nuts, but she apparently likes to be close to him at night and actually sleeps on it! haha


Heidi Rink. said...

WOW! She posted! :) It was fun to look and see that you had posted. I love all of Whit's Vampire paraphernalia. Looking forward to Saturday!

Carmen O. said...

Wow! That a whole lotta Rob P!