Monday, October 12, 2009


So we've been talking about going to an Illini game all year. Brian has been to two already but I haven't been able to go. We were actually going to pass up this week(for reasons I didn't understand) as well, but last minute got some good tickets so we decided to take advantage of them. The game was at 11am so we had to leave by 8am?! Nothing like drinking beer at 9am! haha JK I didn't have any. Just Coke! We met up with Brian's friend Jeff whose dad is a State Farm agent in Champaign. He got us free tickets and also into the State Farm tent for free food. How can you pass that up? :-) It was a great day for football! Illinois played miserable but we had fun anyway!

Jeff was pretty sure he had told his dad to call him when he got there. He didn't! And Jeff didn't let him forget it! He kept saying, I must have missed that call from you dad! :-)

Brian with his brother Mitch and sister Kaitlynn. Mitch loved the free food so much, he had three plates! If I wasn't embarassed, I would have gotten another myself, but I refrained! haha

Mitch and Kaitlynn's first U of I football experience. Unfortunately it was nothing to write home about but they were just excited to be there!

I FINALLY got to wear my new U of I shirt! I'm so glad I didn't go buy like 6 different U of I shirts. Like one for every home game(because that would so be something I would do! haha), because this may have been the only game I get to see all year! :-)

He REALLY likes that Wyffel seed corn hat! He's a little bit country.......I'm a little bit rock 'n roll! JK Well actually he does think my style is a little wild as he calls it! :-)

It was one of the few touchdowns we saw all day. I had to document it!

About the only time the ball was on our end of the field and it was the last couple seconds of the game! :-(

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