Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Party Continues.....

Wednesday, my actual birthday, Brian took me to Seven in Peoria Heights for dinner. I wanted to try out something different and he works in East Peoria anyway, so it was easy to just meet there for dinner. I've heard great things about Seven so we decided to try it out. Glad we did! It was great! Just nice to try out new places occasionally.

We both had the seafood bisque. It looked so cool I had to take a picture! They write their name in your soup. I think that's so you don't forget where you came to eat! haha

Brian got me some shoes for my birthday. He listens very well! I talked about them once and he found them at Von Maur without any help! They were out of my size so they had to be ordered! He took a picture of them and sent it to me to prove that he had found my crazy heels, as he called them! He thinks my taste is a little wild but he still likes my style.....most of the time! haha

He remembered that I don't care for flowers and that I'd rather have a card. He wrote in it all the reasons why I'm special to him. It was really sweet! I actually got teary eyed! He was like, usually you're so tough! I said, I know! But what you wrote was really sweet! :-)


Minders said...

Love your shirt Tara! You look so pretty - as always! Glad your man is treating you right on your birthday!

J Gutwein said...

Tara, what a wonderful week!!! Wish I were there to wish you Happy Birthday in person. Love, J