Friday, October 2, 2009

High on Fumes!

So it seems to be a tradition that when Nichole and Aaron move, I come out and bum a few meals off of them and help them paint! :-) This time I was WAY more willing to come help because they moved back near Burlington which means they are a whole two hours closer to me! Yay! Not that I didn't just absolutely LOVE that five hour drive before, because I did. Let me really have time with my thoughts. However, after an hour into I realize I don't have a lot of thoughts! :-) You know how many times you can sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall on a five hour drive? About 4 times! haha All joking aside, I'm thrilled to have them closer. I love getting together with old friends and being able to always pick up where we left off and that's exactly what Nichole and I do!

After a fun filled day of painting, we went to treat ourselves with some chicken lips! Don't judge until you've tried them!

Marie showed us their parents condo that was upstairs from the restaurant we ate at. I didn't know there were drawers that you could buy that don't slam! :-)

These three thought it would be funny to be triplets for the night. Nichole gave her brothers specific instructions "pick out a cool outfit for Aaron". That apparently includes dressing exactly like his in-laws! haha

The three identical amigos!

Sexy mama! Look at those hidden bra straps! That took some creatvity and a trip to Target to hide those babies! haha

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Holli said...

I think I have the last pic minus Aaron and add me!:)