Friday, October 2, 2009

Personal Shopper!

So Erika got a new job at White House Black Market and also had her 10 year class reunion, so we had a few things to accomplish. 1. celebrate her new job and 2. find her an outfit so she looked hot with all her old classmates! :-) I'm not one to brag, but it would not be the first time someone has called upon me for my fashion expertise(totally kidding) to help them with an outfit. Erika is a great dresser but she's just never wandered into Forever 21 and attempted to dig through what they call clothing racks! haha So we spent about an hour and a half putting together a hot outfit to make all her old flames wish they had never let her go! Just kidding!

Congrats to Erika on her new job at White House Black Market! I'm hoping she can hook me up with her discount! haha

We love the downtown Champaign area. So many fun restaurants! It looks like we all talked about posing with our arms over each other, but that was just luck! haha

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