Thursday, October 1, 2009

Olivers with Dietrichs

So the bad news is I don't have a lot of luck in dating......the good news is I make lots of new friends with their families when the guy and I fall out! haha The Dietrichs and I try to do dinner about once a month. We take turns between Bloomington and Bourbonnais. I always tell them that they should come here because Bloomington is WAY better than Bourbonnais! haha This night we went to Olivers in Bourbonnais and then to go see My Sister's Keeper! Always a great time!

Why do we take pictures of people's food? Is it because I always want to remember Tiffany's salad?! haha

Karen is one of the most happenings moms I know! She's got the best style!

Tiff and I are like kindred spirits! We want kids someday, but someday isn't for a looooooong time! haha

I didn't know that taking a picture was so difficult. You know those new cameras where you look at the screen rather than through the lens, they're pretty tricky!

Maybe zooming in a bit works better! Just cut off half of my arm this time! haha

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