Friday, October 2, 2009

Just Keep Walking and Act Normal!

So Erin's 30th was this summer and her mom threw her a surpise party! You got to love a surprise party especially when you're almost responsible for ruining the surprise party! You see with surprise parties there are too many elements for them to pull off just right. Some people can't keep their mouth shut, or forget and just say "see ya Friday" when the surprisee is like "what's Friday?". Then you have the classic case of the surprisee seeing everyone's cars in the neighborhood or in our case, were arriving at the house the same time Erin was. A little more time before she got there might have made it just a smidge more fool proof! haha Haley, me and Heidi were walking up to the house when we realized that Erin was sitting in the driveway in her sister's mini van and looking straight at us. What do we do? Where do we go? What do we say? Just keep on walking! We don't look suspicious or anything! Three girls walking the neighborhood at night with purses on our shoulders and hats on. Yeah, that's just everyday fare in Morton! haha Thankfully Erin didn't see us and we didn't ruin the surprise, however we weren't exactly in the house to be able to surprise her either! :-)

Erin's mom made us an awesome meal!

She also had a yummy cake!

Ode to the days when you looked forward to blowing out the candles! Now there are so many on the cake, no one wants to light them all so you just do one and pretend there's 30! haha

Great night catching up with old friends!

We look like Britany Spears and a Bratz doll!

Abby did NOT follow the instructions....she didn't wear a hat! :-)

This may look like a bad attempt at see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil, but we were just trying to throw off the face recognition on my camera! haha

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